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The Trans Gnc Group

The Trans GNC Group is made up of 5 Shoals area Transgender & GNC individuals passionate about Trans Justice and Support in Northwest Alabama. Our Group is in collaboration with the Shoals Diversity Center as our fiscal sponsor. We retain independent leadership and control of donation distribution. 

Trans GNC Services & Resources 2022-2024

We have a vision to plan, initiate and engage all of the programs and services listed below within the next 2 years.

  • Provide support groups for Trans and GNC POC and others to support mental health. Have pop up clinics for hormone therapy. Advocate locally and state wide for Trans Rights. Job placement, clothing drives and resources.
  • Hold support group meetings bi-monthly with student Counselor Interns from our local University of North Alabama as some of our facilitators. Offer mental health referrals out to vetted Trans GNC affirming LPC businesses. When these individuals in need cannot afford professional counseling, we plan to raise money to pay for it ourselves.
  • As we have a long standing collaborative relationship with Queer Med in Atlanta GA to produce pop up clinics for us, so that those who cannot afford to travel can get started or continue hormone therapy for transition. Then pay to provide telehealth services after that.
  • Offer members of our group to be on the Alabama Human Rights Campaign coalition set up to advocate for equal Trans rights.  Alabama is one of the few states that is actively passing laws to take away basic rights of the Transgender Community.
  • We are involved in business outreach to vet local businesses to be open to hiring Trans and GNC, POC in particular, community members. We are creating a job board on our website for this as a resource for those business hiring and for the Trans GNC community to add and offer their services to the community at large.
  • Putting together a needs assessment specific to the Trans GNC community with a focus on POC.
  • To provide monthly social events to create a sense of connection and belonging with the Trans GNC as well as the LGBQ+ community of all races.
  • Continue to hold candlelight ceremony for the Transgender Day of Remembrance in November. Our group celebrates the Trans Awareness Week and the Trans Visibility Day in March of every year, with activities to support, educate and advocate for the Shoals areas Trans GNC community as a whole.
  • To constantly seek other resources in the state for affirming surgeons, aestheticians, those who provide products for binding and packing needs.
  • To set up an annual $2,000 scholarship with a local donor to be awarded in cash to eligible High School Grads from the Trans GNC community to help pay for what they need to go to college.

Our Mission is to support, educate and advocate for and about the Northwest Alabama Transgender and Gender Variant community.

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