Discrimination in the Workplace

Steps LGBTQ+ Workers Can Take If they Are Experiencing Discrimination in the Workplace Filing A Workplace Discrimination Claim 

Before you file a report with the EEOC you need to give your boss a chance to fix the problem. Make a list of all the experiences of discrimination you’ve had and write down when they happened and who was involved along with a short summary of what happened. Take that list to your boss and to HR. If your boss and HR don’t listen to your experiences, make light of what you’re going through, or don’t believe that you’re being discriminated against then go to the EEOC’s.

Go to the EEOC’s website and file a complaint against your employer. Penalties For Discrimination You could be entitled to a lump sum of money for pain and suffering if your employer is guilty of violating the Civil Rights Act. You also might be entitled to money for lost wages or back pay if your hours were cut or you weren’t given a raise that you were owed. Your employer could have to pay fines of $10,000 or more and face criminal penalties. Resources: Title VII: https://www.eeoc.gov/statutes/title-vii-civil-rights-act-1964 More Resources in next Service.

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